Why HostGator is Best

Four years ago, 2013 to be precise, HostGator celebrated an astonishing 9 million domains and 400,000 customers. Since then, this figures have only gone up. Now, the webhost gets a lot of flak from the online community, but in all truth, this is without a doubt one of the finest web hosting services of our times. If you are still on the fence about what hosting service you want to go for, then perhaps you need to know why HostGator is the best at what it does, so here is a rundown;

It has an awesome customer support department and great uptime stats

If you are running serious websites, you are always looking for close to a 100% uptime. HostGator goes over 99.97 % in this score. However, the best part is that they have a dedicated support department that works around the clock to address technical issues and respond to complaints within
the shortest timelines available. Their chat wait times for instance, were 30 minutes a few years ago and have considerably improved over time. This assures customers that their issues are always going to get promptly acted upon, which is good for business. HostGator server admins are also known to be some of the most responsible professionals out there and are on the clock 24 hours a day.

A goodly number of plans to choose from

While you are not exactly spoilt for choice with HostGator, you have a leeway to choose between 3 very different plans according to your needs. The Hatching, Business and Baby plans are what you have at your disposal. Each of them is convenient for a different setup, and every single package has a ton of incentives. For example, their baby plan will give you access and functionality to unlimited domains. This year, the company also launched their premium product, HostGator Cloud.


When your website loads after more than 5 seconds, then your visitors are going to bounce right off to the search engine start page and head out. As such, you need a web hosting plan that loads really quickly. Again, HostGator comes at the top of the pile here, with a speed of 473ms. This is way faster than the industry average, which is pegged at 1052ms. This speed makes it 122% faster than the average indicated, and that endears it to a lot of clients who would rather pay more for a webhost who ensures their pages generate as fast as possible. The better your loading times, the higher your chances of maintaining the existing pool of visitors or even boosting it.

Low Prices

You can host your site for less then $3.5/month. For first time customers, there is a 60% off Hostgator coupon.