What’s Bad About Hostgator? Common Complaints From Customers

There are a lot of web hosting providers out there, and HostGator is one of the largest stake holders. The web hosting company has been around for ages and has amassed a mass of subscribes over the period. It has won many accolades over the years owing to its sheer dominance in the industry. Even so, Hostgator isn’t all about gold and sunshine; there are instances where clients have had some bad experiences in the hands of the web provider. Here are some Hostgator complaints that you might want to know about before you sign up;

Subscription auto-renews 

One of the most prominent complaints among HostGator subscribers is the fact that your subscription for a domain renews automatically. If you look through the internet, you will find a lot of dissatisfied customers lamenting about the web hosting provider renewing a subscription they did not intend to pay. In many of the reviews, clients complained of finding out about the charges upon looking at the balances.

Vague pricing for products 

To begin with, Hostgator attracts clients by advertising a low premium, shared, hosting account. However, this account can only be acquired on a yearly subscription. If you wanted anything shorter than that, you would have to forfeit the offer and pay for an account with higher charges. It might not be so much of a problem to most. However, it is important that you know what exactly is on offer.

Customer service hitches 

It is one of the most common complaints about service providers and is somewhat expected for a company of HostGator’s magnitude. However, poor customer service is just that; frustrating “help” that leaves you with more questions than answers. The most consistent complaint about their service is the lack of notifications. Clients have complained of their accounts being modified and even brought down without them being notified. Users in social communities and online reviews are of the opinion that the lack of reports is so that the company can downplay server issues. It is clearly not the way to relate with clients and resellers are reported to face the most difficulty about their hosting accounts.

Problems with the control panel 

This is not a complaint that you will hear often but there are quite a number of customers complaining of a clunky control panel. The hosting account seems not to offer a lot of response for other languages other than English. Clients claim that the control panel has inconsistencies such as overlapping fields when you switch languages. Well, I have personally used Hostgator’s control panel, and I must say it’s easy to use.

While the hosting company may have some disgruntled customers, it is also worth noting that it offers some of the most reliable hosting services out there. Even so, HostGator also has some pros which you should also find out about if you are thinking of signing up.  One of the major advantages of Hostgator is its low prices. It’s really not much to pay $40/year for a premium hosting service. If buy hosting for a  year or more you can save up to 60%. Just use the Hostgator discount code.