Hostgator vs Godaddy: Who is Better Web host?

Web hosting currently has two giants which are always competing for market share. HostGator and GoDaddy are the two most renowned web hosting providers. Both of them provide VPS, shared and dedicated hosting to clients but they are unique from each other in a number of ways. The two are both known for the low premiums offered to first-time customers for shared hosting. GoDaddy is known to be the largest web hosting company owing to its mass of registered clients that make it the largest registrar for domains. HostGator, on the other hand, has been named as the best web hosting provider for clients to grow with. In this short piece, you shall find out about some of the aspects that differentiate them, and who emerges the better service provider overall.


GoDaddy offers 99.9% up-time for websites thanks to their up-to-date servers which run on Core i7 processors. This offers excellent server response and ensures that your website is always optimized for all its functions. HostGator also have a significant investment put into their server technology. The company has Dual Xeon servers sited in Dallas. They also have well-equipped data centers connected to 10 backbone providers. The company is always investing millions each year to better their service provision and currently have 12,000 servers sited in Houston, Texas. Both of the hosting providers seem to provide equally capable technology when it comes to performance.

Speed and uptime test

Both of the hosting providers promise 99% uptime and while they do their part to ensure they deliver, Hostgator takes the lead on this one. For last month, reviews from Hostgator clients across the web confirmed that the sites have been running on 100% uptime. This means that the time ittakes to load your website is much shorter than if you had a website hosted by GoDaddy. Though Hostgator clients may have some complains about how fast their websites are, the complaints are few and far between.

Customer support services 

This is one of the most important aspects of any business. How you handle disgruntled clients speaks volumes about the brand. HostGator is a clear winner when it comes to prompt customer support. Both of the webmasters provide email, live chat, and telephone support. However, you would have to wait a bit longer for GoDaddy’s customer care to get back to you. This is could present a problem in the case of an emergency for clients registered with GoDaddy.

Comparison of the user interface

HostGator has an easy-to-use control panel which doesn’t require a computer genius to figure out. The cPanel control panel used by Hostgator is accepted far much more, with millions using it across the world. GoDaddy has a customized control panel, which is quite different from the cPanel, accepted as the conventional panel. GoDaddy’s control panel may not be the most popular, but it doesn’t take much to get used to it.

Here is something I don’t like about Godaddy’s cpanel. In order to log into the cpanel you have to first log into your Godaddy account, then click several buttons to finally reach the cpanel. In contrast, Hostgator’s cpanel is easier to reach. You just enter a specific URL on your browser and voila; you enter your login credentials and you have access to the cpanel. No need to click or navigate anywhere.

In summary, HostGator emerges as the better webmaster. Even so, GoDaddy still offers a good experience for its clients.

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