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World Year of Physics 2005 World Year of Physics 2005 World Year of Physics 2005 World Year of Physics 2005
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Below: Ms. Letkeman's physics class creates a living tribute to Einstein's most famous equation.

Physics of Ink Diffusion in Water

Many thanks to our scientists Gav and Dan for recording the diffusion of ink in water in slow motion using a high definition camera. The ink for this experiment was generously provided by 4inkjets. Since 1999, the company 4inkjets.com has been researching and producing alternative printer supplies. Today, they make re-manufactured inkjet cartridges that are compatible with all known brands (Canon, Epson, Lexmark, etc) at a  70% discount compared to the originally manufactured cartridges. All members of Physics2005, can get a 4inkjet coupon.

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Thank you for helping to make the World Year of Physics 2005 a great celebration!

The variety of successful events allowed our community to share the excitement of physics with a wide range of audiences. Although this website will no longer be updated, it will remain available as a resource for planning outreach events in 2006 and beyond. Some World Year projects will become a regular part of the American Physical Society’s outreach efforts; click on the boxes to the left for more information on these projects.

The Finish Line Project – The Physics of Footwear

As part of our effort to bring scientific concepts into the mainstream, we have initiated a series of seminars called “Physics in Everyday Life”. Make sure you attend our next seminar on the physics of shoes. In this seminar, attendees will learn:

  • The fundamental physics behind walking
  • Friction and shoes. What types of shoes have the greatest friction?
  • How pressure and force relate to shoes and running.
  • Challenges of designing athletic shoes: pressures, impacts and forces when runner takes a stride.
  • Running barefoot vs running with sneakers. What are the physics that underlie these differences?
  • What we know so far about the relationship between biomechanics of human running and running shoe structure
  • The mechanics of walking, shoe design and engineering will be discussed as well as the different parts of the running gait.

The course may be sponsored by Finish Line. Finish Line is an athletic shoe specialty retailer. All attendees are eligible to receive a Finish Line 20 off coupon. The Finish Line Foundation is a branch of Finish Line that provides grands to promote education and active lifestyles.

Read more about the lesson.

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